Our aim is to bring together LGBT+ members and representatives from across all of the movement’s vast membership via a completely grassroots led organisation that gives a co-ordination platform for LGBT+ members of the party to organise & promote events, socials, policy forums, share speakers and give members a safe space community to discuss any arising or ongoing issues.


We host political education meetings, information stalls and events educating members to the importance on showing solidarity with the LGBT+ community and help them identify and challenge anti-LGBT+ bigotry in all its forms.


We are proud to have had organised Labour’s involvement in the first ever Trans Pride March in the City of Liverpool and also the ‘Red Bloc’ at LCR Pride which seen the largest number of Socialists and Trade Unionists to ever march in solidarity with the LGBT+ community at Liverpool Pride event.


We host meetings for members to come together, discuss ideas and collectively develop them into policies in an inclusive, open and democratic process. Hopefully then gaining support and bring those ideas into party policy itself.


We work with community groups, charities and other organisations to support many campaigns including the call for LGBT+ Inclusive education, GRA Reform and standing with the Trans community who are under attack from trans-exclusionary hate groups.


We regularly help provide organisations with speakers on a variety of issues, we feel it is so important that the labour movement as a whole hear different voices and ideas in making our society a more equal and just one.


We make a point of visibly showing solidarity to workers in dispute, our struggles are not completely separate, we are all part of the workforce. just like LGBT+ Rights this is a class issue, we are indeed all in this together.