We Are Labour

We founded with the aim to give LGBT+ members of the Labour Party a platform to organise, educate, campaign, share ideas, and build a solidarity network of - all free at the point of use. We hope that this feature for our site will help bring us one step closer to that goal.

We welcome submissions of content from across the labour movement. *We can receive large influxes of messages on any given day so unfortunately we can not guarentee that we will able to reply to everyone's submissions, although we will always try to do so. We will only accept original comment pieces being placed exclusively (for a timed period) with the Labour Party LGBT+ Network.

What should I submit?
Please briefly summarise your submission in no more than 150 words, including a possible headline/title. Send with your name, photo, one-line bio (no more than 150 characters) and (if applicable) your Twitter handle to with the subject line "Website Submission". Send the finished article in the body of your email or as an attachment, please use a Word document, not a PDF.

What material are we interested in?

All of these subjects and more are our interested topics for submissions:

■ Political LGBT+ news and current affairs

■ The internal workings of the party - ie. political education on LGBT+ Officer roles etc

■ Campaigns

■ What’s going on in your local area

■ The activity and policies of our opponents (must be evidenced and fact check-able)

All articles must have clear relevance to LGBT+ issues – or at least have a LGBT+ ‘twist’. What is the party doing right, or wrong on LGBT+ issues? How should Labour be looking differently at something? Why was a certain event significant? The more thought-provoking, the better. All articles must be for publication exclusively (for a timed period) on the Labour Party LGBT+ Network site.

If your submission idea clearly conveys one or more of the following, you are much more likely to be commissioned to write up the full post for publication.

Submissions more likely to be accepted

■ An original idea or opinion

■ Makes a single, clear argument

■ Something that has not been discussed on our site before

■ Articles/model motions/resources that help educate, help campaigns and provide help

Submissions less likely to be accepted

■ Material that goes against our aims/objectives or is discriminatory towards protected characteristics.

■ Something that has been covered repeatedly on our site

■ The article has been published elsewhere (you must have the right to republish)

■ Material not obviously related to the Labour Party, LGBT+ issues or current affairs

■ Poor or incoherent writing (though we will endevour to help you if you require it)