Theresa Griffin
Theresa Griffin

1.      Do you accept that trans women are women, trans men are men, and non-binary people are non-binary - and will you commit to respecting trans people as their self-declared gender – if so, how will you integrate this approach to tackle the culture of entrenched transphobia, from the grassroots membership up to the leadership?

"Yes. I believe in self-identification. Need for a detailed programme of political education at all levels of the Party."


2.      Will you defend the current Labour Party policy and principle of inclusion of Transgender women on All Women Shortlists?


3.      How would you make sure all identities and all voices under the LGBTIQA+ umbrella are listened to on issues of homophobia, transphobia and transmisogyny, allowing for example, trans people to lead the way on their own liberation.

"Need for political education. Training sessions with groupings of CLPs and at all conferences. All voices to be profiled as Chairs, speakers, elected positions."

4.      Do you believe that trans liberation must be an objective of the Labour Party, and that transphobia is antithetical to our collective aims, and if so - would you support the expulsion from the Labour Party of those who express bigoted, transphobic views.

"Yes. I believe that transphobia should not and cannot be tolerated in any part of the Party and that we need a fully independent and transparent complaints process."


5.      Will you commit to a review of how complaints relating to transphobia are handled? and will you commit to in conjunction with LGBT+ Labour and trans-led organisations to develop a clear code of conduct that includes a workable definition of transphobia?


6.      When the ‘culture war’ tactic is used in the press etc and causes an increase in bigotry against certain gender identities and sexualities (often even further marginalising those with multiple minority identities) how would you ensure that these spikes in bigotry found in wider society aren’t found within Labour?

"Again through debate, education and profile."


7.      What structures, processes, and changes do you think are required to change the culture within the party to one where homophobia, transphobia, transmisogyny etc. is not permitted? – also how will you help to improve understanding of trans and non-binary people in the party.

"We need to get more trans and non-binary people elected to positions throughout the Party. I was a member of the LGBTI+ Intergroup in the European Parliament and it was great to see MEPs call on the Hungarian Parliament to revoke Article 33 which restricted the rights of trans and intersex persons and therefore contravened human rights. Yes."


8.      Why do you think there has never been a Trans person elected in the UK Parliament, or a Trans person selected for a winnable seat for Labour - and what measures do you think need to take place to ensure Trans people are represented within the party?

"There have been transgender law makers in other EU countries and the Chair of one of the European Parliament's most powerful committess is transgender so the UK has to catch up. We have to get Trans people elected at every level of the Party to provide role models to encourage more Trans People to get involved, especially in policy making."


9.      Do you support the reform of the Gender Recognition Act to improve transgender rights, as well as supporting policies which would improve trans people’s access to necessary healthcare, housing, and employment? And will you organise against and oppose any transphobic policies from our own party or any other?



10.  Name at least one LGBTIQA+ socialist who inspires you, and explain what inspires you about them.

"There are many. Cllr Chris Wills Manchester Withington. I had the privilege of working with Chris while I was an MEP when he was Chair of LGBT+ Labour NW. From a stop start at Prides in Liverpool and Manchester, we now have Prides across the North West and Chris was instrumental in this. We then worked together to get Chris selected, then elected. He is a fabulous Councillor who stands up for every community in the North West and is a great advocate of human rights."

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