Kill The Bill

The Labour Party LGBT+ Network is proud to stand in solidarity with all those protesting against the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill


This is an open statement written by a coalition of UK organisations, groups & social movements of all ethnic backgrounds, gender identities, sexualities, faiths, abilities, ages and social standings, who have united to challenge the UK government. We are extremely troubled and disturbed by the newly proposed Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill in its current form. The deliberately vague language used would enable the police to act unilaterally with near unlimited discretion.

This appears to be a blatant attempt to create an authoritarian police state, where the voices of ordinary people, particularly those most marginalised and disadvantaged, are silenced by state sanctioned penalties. We collectively decry this move by the UK government and demand that MPs Kill The Bill.

The rights to peacefully assemble and protest are a fundamental part of any democracy, empowering people to have their voices heard, in addition to holding the Government to account. This is also in direct contrast to the assurances the UK government gave that it will uphold the European Convention on Human Rights, as well as breaking with the UN Covenant on Human Rights. 

Unless Her Majesty’s Government changes its current course of action, we cannot foresee that the mounting public unrest from all sides will cease, nor that it should. Such is the nature of democracy. 

We would like to remind the Home Secretary and the Government that they serve by democratic mandate that is handed to them by the will of the people. 

We the signees, and millions across the country, will continue to unite and fight to protect the fundamental human rights that every single one of us is entitled to.



  1. Black Music Movement

  2. Black lives matter Leeds

  3. Merseyside BLM Alliance

  4. Labour Party LGBT+ Network

  5. United for Black lives

  6. Justice 4 Minorities

  7. Brighton BLM

  8. Northern Police Monitoring Project (NPMP)

  9. Extinction Rebellion UK

  10. The Roundhouse, London

  11. Reclaim the Night Leeds

  12. All Black Lives UK

  13. Leeds Tidal

  14. RAAH CIC

  15. Global Women’s Strike

  16. Extinction Rebellion Youth UK

  17. Shezana Hafiz, Outreach Coordinator, CAGE NGO

  18. The New Black Panther Party

  19. The Take The Initiative Party

  20. London Renters

  21. Reclaim These Streets Portsmouth

  22. Justice for Black Lives

  23. Liverpool Sisterhood

  24. Global Justice Bloc

  25. Manchester March

  26. Black Culture Festival

  27. Winvisible

  28. Single Mother’s Self-Defence

  29. The Outside Project

  30. The Feminist Bookshop

  31. Nigerians United in the Diaspora

  32. Queer AF Brighton

  33. Nigerian Angel

  34. Muslim LGBT Network

  35. Brixton’s Baddest Skate Shop

  36. BLM London

  37. Queer Strike

  38. Women Against Rape

  39. Angel of Youths

  40. The Black Project

  41. Merseyside Antifascist Network

  42. London Gypsies & Travellers

  43. Reclaim These Streets York

  44. Women of Colour Global Women’s Strike

  45. Black Heritage Collective

  46. The Warren Youth Project

  47. Windrush Legal Angels

  48. XR Justice Steering Group

  49. My Queer Culture

  50. Tough Cookie Magazine

  51. Diamond You Projects CIC

  52. Black Progressive Group

  53. Black & Brown Rainbow

  54. Black Lives Matter Festival

  55. Black News UK

  56. XR Southsea       

  57. CEE Bill Alliance Portsmouth

  58. HS2 Rebellion

  59. Fight For A Future

  60. XR Brighton 

  61. Reclaim These Streets Brighton

  62. Kill The Bill Southampton

  63. Sound Women SW Network

  64. Speakerbox Street Party

  65. XR Brighton UNI’S

  66. Climate Census

  67. Sheffield Against The Policing Bill

  68. BLM Worthing & Adur

  69. XR Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole

  70. MLC Britain 

  71. Mask Up Group

  72. Students Not Consumers

  73. XR Portsmouth 

  74. Portsmouth BLM

  75. Leeds Block The Bill

  76. Gloucester Youth Community Action

  77. XR Educators

  78. Legal Action For Women

  79. Kodak Collective Brighton

  80. XR Scientists

  81. Clapback Club

  82. BLM Enfield

  83. XR Waveney East

  84. YCL Britain 

  85. Cops Off Campus

  86. XR Haringey

  87. Kill The Bill Southwest

  88. XR Barnet 

  89. The English Collection of Prostitutes

  90. Future Hackney

  91. XR York

  92. Rage Against HS2

  93. XR Warrington

  94. Anti-Oppression Circle

  95. Royal Holloway Left Forum

  96. XR Stoke

  97. Royal Holloway LGBT+ Society Committee

  98. Royal Holloway Labour Society

  99. XR/HS2 Support Network

  100. Lambeth and Southwark Antifascist League 

  101. Haringey antifascists

  102. IN.Society

  103. XR Croydon

  104. XR Unify

  105. XRUPT - Extinction Rebellion Underground Partisan Tendency

  106. The Voice of Colour

  107. XR Lambeth

  108. Anti-harassment Club Brighton 

  109. BLM Leamington 

  110. XR kensington and chelsea

  111. XR London Nonviolence and Deescalation Circle 

  112. BLM Portsmouth

  113. Stand Up to Racism Portsmouth

  114. Project E

  115. Amazon Rebellion

  116. Brazil Matters

  117. Harrow and Kenton Antifascist & Anti-Racist Association

  118. Imperial College Left Forum

  119. HS2 Health MDT - providing voluntary healthcare to HS2 protest camps. 

  120. 9K4what

  121. 9k4

  122. Whatyork

  123. York student solidarity network

  124. Pen ting poetry

  125. Minority Protection Initiative

  126. African Arising UK Chapter

  127. 9k4whatnewcastle 

  128. 9k4whatnorthumbria

  129. Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism

  130. 9k4whatstirling

  131. Revolutionary Communist Group 

  132. 9k4whatuclan 

  133. BLM for Stoke

  134. BLM Warrington

  135. XR Northampton

  136. BLM in the Stix

  137. XR Kettering

  138. XR Newcastle Universities

  139. XR Digital Rebellion

  140. XR Oxford

  141. XR Oxford Family Group

  142. XR Oxford EDI WG

  143. XR Llaneli

  144. XR Bath

  145. Hull Sisters

  146.  Oxford Unity

  147. Haringey Antifascists

  148. Challenge Racism Eastborne

  149.  Bee Bee

  150. Runnymede Antifascists

  151. Reclaim The Night Leeds 

  152. The 4th Demand Network

  153. Papua Militant International 

  154. Animal Rebellion West London

  155. BLM Hillingdon

  156. XR Cymru

  157. BLM West London

  158. XR Cardiff

  159. Reclaim the Streets Brighton

  160. Rooting For Justice

  161. Sea Life Extinction

  162. XR Youth (Internationalist) Solidarity

  163. Fridays For Future Europe

Originally published by the Labour Party LGBT+ Network on 15th March 2021

About the Author:
#KillTheBill is a umberella group of organisations and people opposed to the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill.

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