Our founding aims were to not only bring together and build an active campaigning nationwide network of LGBT+ members of the Labour Party but to also provide a coordination platform for LGBT+ members of the party to organise & promote events, socials, policy forums, share speakers and give members a safe space community while also building links with the wider LGBT+ Community and community groups. Maintaining it via a completely grassroots led organisation that actively aims to promote education to raise consciousness for LGBT+ issues, while also trying to improve and democratise LGBT+ representation within the Party.


We believe in community self-organisation, this means being an organisation that actively participates in the struggle rather than viewing politics as just a series of parliamentary manoeuvres and internal elections, or waiting until the next election to bring about change. Issues of equality are visible every single day and are inherently a class issue; we must treat them accordingly, standing against divisions and give everyone a voice.

We recognise that taking a strong stand against Homophobia, Transphobia, Disablism, Sexism, Racism, Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and all other forms of bigotry and oppression is not an optional extra in the class struggle but in fact a core part of it. Labour should be leading anti-racist and anti-fascist campaigning within our communities and mobilise on the streets where necessary. We must without qualifications or caveats and in solidarity with all marginalized groups, and accept that education to counter racism and prejudice is a process and that we as socialists must always strive for better.

We believe in taking active steps to reach out to and organising alongside other under-represented communities, standing in solidarity with each other’s ongoing struggles and supporting the pushes for self-organised liberation structures within the Labour Party for our many minority demographics.

We also believe in actively supporting workers and the struggles of working-class communities, and the importance of grassroots organising to build and transform the labour movement such as the campaigns to repeal all anti-union laws. We have as organisation also made a point of visibly showing solidarity to workers in dispute, standing together in solidarity on the picket lines for our issues are intertwined. We are a collective work force and must stand staunchly together.

Since our founding we now have a steadily growing membership and have set up both nationwide and localised LGBT+ Officers/members forums, we have in collaboration organised campaign days for LGBT+ identifying candidates, we have teamed up with various community groups, charities and MPs to share events and speakers for education and social events. We have also in areas that there is currently little active organisation or established policy forums for LGBT+ Officers held socials and events for LGBT+ members to meet one another to help build contacts in their local areas to help get activity started. We were also proud to as an organisation which founded in Liverpool to have organised Labour's involvement with Liverpool's first ever Trans Pride in 2019 and also organised the ‘Red Block’ at LCR Pride, which seen the largest number of Socialists and Trade Unionists to ever march in together in solidarity with the LGBT+ community at a Liverpool Pride event.

In February 2020 we were also very proud to have launched the ‘United We Stand – Solidarity Network’ to start bringing together the UKs many minority and under-represented demographics as one large collective to work collaboratively. To help each other build self-organised liberation structures, to collaborate on communal art projects to educate our communities of one another’s cultures, to promote acceptance, to stand in solidarity with each other in one another’s struggles and also combat not only the rise of hate/division but the apathy that facilitates it.


We are the grassroots network for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans+ Members within the Labour Party

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