Positive actions to help tackle Transpho

With all of the discourse about transphobia in the Labour Party and the wider today, Dylan Tippetts has written up a number of simple positive actions cisgender allies can take to help tackle transphobia within our own movement.

1st Action - Host trans awareness sessions for your CLP
Creating safe spaces to allow members to learn and ask questions in good faith without judgement is a great way to tackle transphobia and clear up misinformation. There are many people who will be happy to come along to your CLPs as a guest speaker - you can inbox the Labour Party LGBT+ Network at or LGBT+ Labour at to arrange a speaker)

2nd Action - Listen to trans people
It can be very frustrating when cisgender allies speak over us without consulting us or without listening to how trans people actually feel about certain issues they are facing.

3rd Action - Don't '@' transphobic people on Twitter

It isn't constructive. This is exactly what some people are wanting you to do, giving trolls the attention they crave and an excuse to cry 'they are being cancelled', that said, this is not saying you should not challenge people or bigotry - additionaly on that point, please do not without permission '@' trans people into abusive posts or 'debates on their rights', it not only be very triggering to be exposed to unwanted bigotry, but it is not fair to expect trans people to have to challenge bigotry. It can also give trolls a a direct target and it can just adds fuel to the fire and can more oftern than not lead to trans people being on the receiving end of more hateful content.

4th Action - Work with your local Labour councilors

We have so many amazing Labour councils across the country. They can pass motions in support of trans people and update their local policies to make them and their areas more inclusive. (We are more than happy to help with this too - ei. policy recommendations)

Polices that local government can change include: - Social Services - Education - Toilets (I know action 4 is wider than the Labour Party but it helps set a good standard)

Originally published by the Labour Party LGBT+ Network on 1st February 2021

About the Author:
Dylan Tippetts (He/Him) is the LGBT+ Officer for the University of Plymouth Labour Society and the Trans Officer for the Young Fabians LGBTQIA+ Advocacy Group.

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